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JoKi One

Carnival. Easter. The Foundation


I am the JoKi One, although I'm not funny at all, actually quite the opposite. This started because I love to play mas and I wanted to get my daughter into it. When she was three years old we did a costume together (I've always been into craft and sewing), she wore it and the rest is history. My daughter is now 19, so minus for COVID, 2023 is my 15th year. 

I work with a small group of persons to produce a small Carnival band, called JoKi One. My daughter would generally choose a colour and I would build a band around that. We maintain a very relaxed environment, we have no age stipulations. The official mas camp is located at my studio at 27 Prince Street, Arima although my house won't believe you.

Creating the costumes for this band is my joy. Maybe I'll increase the size of the team and try a medium band soon but for now I just enjoy doing the designs and then making them come to life on the children. Any stress I go through in production pales in comparison to the satisfaction of seeing a presentation cross the stage.


JoKi One also hosts a bonnet parade we are now at the 7th edition I choose to be a host because I also enjoy and appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship of other artists and wanted to give an additional space where this can be showcased. We have in Trinidad and Tobago taken the art of creating bonnets to a level of excellence. I myself having done so for many years.

The Foundation

The soon to be launched JoKi One Foundation will be the nonprofit arm of our work, using creativity to impact community.

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27 Prince St
Trinidad and Tobago

+1 (868) 620-4331

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